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The GeekWithin

Thursday, February 02, 2006

My Wife - Part II

So now that you know how we met and all, let me tell you how awesome this woman is in her love and zest for the Lord. Please believe me, this isn't bragging or an attempt to elevate her in any way.

Her love for the Lord has gotten her involved in many ministries. After we were married she dived right in to an organization name the Protestant Women of the Chapel (PWOC) at a local level. Over the years she has helped in many capacities from bible study leader, retreat planning, board member, and even local level president. Her love for God and concern for His will have made her a very effective leader and provided her many opportunities to trust in Him to help her do the job.

The biggest example of this was when she was asked to become the national level prayer coordinator for PWOC. Wow. She was stunned and took some time to pray for God's will. You see, prayer was not really more than a casual thing to her at the time, no more or no less than other aspects of christian life. This request has become a major turning point in her and my life. Her acceptance of the call has lead our life on a journey only God could have planned. It is through that call she set out to learn all there is to know about ever aspect of prayer and has in the years since become an authority of sorts. She wouldn't admit or put it that way, but the respect she has received is well deserved.

It is through the ministry of prayer that we both find ourselves serving our current church, her as the prayer coordinator and myself trying to reach out to men. What a challenge and a privilege to do God's work. I can only say that we are weak and He is strong and all things happen because of a willingess to see where God is working and joining Him in the work.

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