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The GeekWithin

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


There is a great article at The Register that sums up the past and current states of the spam problem (Hey Bill, why am I still getting spam?).

This topic is similar to one my friend Joe addressed yesterday ("Free": the Devil's Favorite word).

To me the answer should be a mix of detection technologies and jail sentences. First, why can't we track these people down? I know they use zombies, I know they go to foreign countries... but ultimately everything can be traced back to a source. It would be interesting to see an article on our limitations in this area. Alternately I think we should impose fines on companies that use spam as a marketing tool. Why don't we do this already? Simple - money. Lawmakers are paid, via campaigns, not to pass laws that would stop spam. Sad isn't it.

Ultimately we all hold some personal responsibility as well and need to control that clicking finger. Between protection software and a better aware computer user this should have been cleared up years ago. Yeah, right.


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