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The GeekWithin

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Blog Is Moving!!! - Or Not

*** UPDATE! ***

Consider my blog "unmoved" as of now. I have been silent the past year due to offline family busyness, but it is time to attend TechEd 2008!

I have taken down my domain for now, so my posting will be back on Blogger for the time being.


Well, I am extremely excited to announce that I am moving this blog off of Blogger to my own hosted site.

This innovation came about with the awesome open-source .Net blog implementation named dasBlog. Seeing as my main profession is .Net coding I felt it was important to host my blog on a code base I can modify and extend without a problem. To that end, stay tuned for my future posts on dasBlog mods I have implemented.

The new blog is located at http://www.geekwithin.net/ and has a new RSS feed associated with it, just check the side bar.

While I was able to write some code to transfer my Blogger posts to the new system, I am still working on moving comments from Haloscan. We'll see if that works.

See you at the new site!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Search Engine Fairness

Wow. I had thought that Google was big enough that it had no fear of Microsoft, but apparently I was wrong. According to the Reg Developer Google has complained to European Union watch dogs stating that it is unfair that the new search dialog in IE7 hits MSN. There main assertion is that it is difficult to change, while Microsoft has an equal share of documents showing how easy it is to change.

Why is this an issue for Google? I don't understand what they have to fear seeing as EVERYONE uses their site for searching. Have to watch to see how this plays out.


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