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The GeekWithin

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Blog Is Moving!!! - Or Not

*** UPDATE! ***

Consider my blog "unmoved" as of now. I have been silent the past year due to offline family busyness, but it is time to attend TechEd 2008!

I have taken down my domain for now, so my posting will be back on Blogger for the time being.


Well, I am extremely excited to announce that I am moving this blog off of Blogger to my own hosted site.

This innovation came about with the awesome open-source .Net blog implementation named dasBlog. Seeing as my main profession is .Net coding I felt it was important to host my blog on a code base I can modify and extend without a problem. To that end, stay tuned for my future posts on dasBlog mods I have implemented.

The new blog is located at http://www.geekwithin.net/ and has a new RSS feed associated with it, just check the side bar.

While I was able to write some code to transfer my Blogger posts to the new system, I am still working on moving comments from Haloscan. We'll see if that works.

See you at the new site!


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