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The GeekWithin

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Internet Explorer 7 Beta 1

Ah, well it is about time we see some movement from Microsoft on the browser front. Other than the "security" enhancements with the IE service packs, this is the first movement for IE in years.

What is everyone saying out there? Well, Slashdot has a discussion going on both Microsoft Vista and IE 7 here, but I find Microsoft-Watch to be a better source of information. Additionally, the Microsoft IE blog has this post and the following two links: What's New and a Technical Overview.

I find it interesting, as many do, that it was only released via MSDN. Many think it should have been a larger release since its target was specifically to Developers and not all of them have MSDN subscriptions. Personally I find a MSDN subscription to be worth EVERY penny paid so I was not disappointed by this method.

For developers who use the IE API to retrieve and parse web content, there will be some definte reworking of their applications. More importantly, what I am interested in are the updates to parsing HTML, CSS, and any Javascript DOM modifications. You can expect another post once I find out.


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