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The GeekWithin

Monday, July 25, 2005

Microsoft and VB6

Direct from Vulture Central, The Register has an article on Microsoft's use of an unsupported development platform. It seems they are taking Microsoft to task as a hypocrite.

Personally, I think this is just another instance of "find a way to nag" Microsoft rather than a deliberate attempt by them to continue using a language they no longer support. First of all, the anti-spyware application that relies on the VB6 runtime was acquired less than a year ago. It doesn't suprise me that Microsoft hasn't had time to rewrite it and release it in a .Net format.

I also disagree with how the article puts down VB6. Yes, I am a VB programmer and I continue to advocate the ease with which new programmers can get into the game by using something like VB6. I am teaching my own son using this version rather than the stricter VB.Net so he can learn the fundamentals without some of the frustrations a tighter development tool brings. He is 9 after all.

It is just a shame that many look for ANY reason to bash Microsoft.


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