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The GeekWithin

Thursday, June 02, 2005

All about the Destination

Why be a blogger?

Well, in my case I am both a Star Wars fanatic (just ask my wife) and a lover of web development discussions. How do they relate? Hmm.... I'm not sure that they do, but Star Wars has been such a presence in my life that I had to include it. Stick around and you'll understand.

As for web development... I am a .NET junkie to be sure, but I also appreciate the finer points of (X)HTML, CSS, Javascript and whatever else they will come up with to help me make good looking, but extremely functional websites. My current tinkering is with C#, but I grew up as a Delphi/VB programmer. Yeah, I know it isn't C or JAVA, but it does the job and it does it well. This blog is partly about how to make it work though.

Anyway, this is the start... let's see where it goes.


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